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Vacation Rental Community Meeting

St. Johns County will be conducting a community stakeholders meeting January 29, 2020 at 3:30 p.m. in the Administration Building auditorium regarding the regulation of Short Term Vacation Rentals. Staff was directed by the Board of County Commissioners to research best management and practices regarding the regulation of Short Term Vacation Rentals and to draft two separate ordinances. Staff has drafted two regulatory ordinances that would govern the following:

  • Require all Short Term Vacation Rentals register on an annual/biannual basis
  • Limits on occupancy based on the number of rooms
  • Parking requirements for all occupants
  • Solid Waste pickup schedules
  • Initial inspection
  • Provides violations and penalties for noncompliance

This meeting will focus on refining the ordinance premised on community feedback and bringing forward an ordinance to our Commissioners that caters to the needs of full time residents and that also does not unjustly burden Short Term Vacation Rental owners. A draft copy of two separate ordinances are available:

Questions: Joseph Cearley, Special Projects Manager,, (904) 209-0590. More than one County Commissioner may be in attendance at this meeting.

Streamlined Permitting

St Johns County Growth Management has improved the permitting process to save time and money for applicants wishing to obtain permits for new residential construction or home renovations. Applicants are now only required to complete one Building Permit Application that contains both a Clearance Sheet and a Building Permit Application. Applicants may submit requests for a clearance sheet and building permit simultaneously if they wish, or sequentially (clearance sheet then building permit) at their choice. For more information, call (904) 209-0724.

How Will We Invest In Transportation For The Future?

What do you do when you have nearly 700 needed transportation projects costing over $27 billion and less than $6 billion in projected revenue to pay for them? You have to make tough choices. The North Florida Transportation Planning Organization is developing the 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan. In our first round of public meetings you told us your priorities. Based on that input and projected funding, we’ve developed a draft Cost Feasible Plan. Please come to a public meeting to see the proposed projects and alternatives. Then let us know how you want to invest. Transportation Plan Meetings

Special Meeting of the Board of County Commissioners

The Board of County Commissioners of St. Johns County, Florida held a special meeting Friday, February 7, 2014. The purpose was to conduct a Concurrency Workshop to have discussion of Transportation Planning topics and the County Transportation Concurrency Program.Proposed Concurrency ChangesConcurrency Presentation and Memos, December 2013 Meeting Minutes, Concurrency Workshop.

Electronic Game Promotions

St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners has adopted Ordinance 2011-37, regulating the operation of Adult Arcade Amusement Centers and Electronic Game Promotions.  To remain in operation, Ordinance 2011-37 required all establishments operating Electronic Game Promotions as of December 31, 2010 to register with St. Johns County no later than December 2, 2011. You may direct questions or comments to Mike Roberson, Operations Manager at or (904) 209-0593.

Registration and Notification for Architectural Review Associations

Ordinance 2017-41 was enacted to allow homeowner associations with architectural review authority to register with the County. This registration allows associations to receive notice of development permit applications that may require architectural review by an association. The requirements and procedures are outlined in Ordinance 2017-41 beginning in Section 5., Registration. Your application including supporting documents should be submitted to the Growth Management Department attn: Lisa Brown, Senior Supervising Planner at For additional information you may contact Lisa Brown via email or phone (904) 209-0692.

See the Calendar for Public Meetings and Neighborhood Bill of Rights Notices.